Club of the Month

Every club does creative and special events to encourage the study of the Classics and to help its community. Write about your club's events and submit it for the Club of the Month award! Use this submission form for your entry.  .

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Third Place: Gilbert Classical Academy, Arizona
-During the month of September GCA hosted a canned food drive in conjunction with a club movie night collecting over 100 cans. Also, members of the Latin V class dedicated their time to working with their peers with special needs to learn the names of various animals in Latin. GCA also built their own “Battle of Actium” and created classics themed “mosaics” out of sweets.

Second Place: East Boston High School, Massachusetts
-Last month East Boston JCL raised over $680 to support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico following the Hurricanes. They also brought in candy to sell as a fundraiser to raise money so they can attend the Massachusetts state convention.

First Place: Louisville Classical Academy, Kentucky
-In September Louisville Classical Academy placed positive messages around town through their random acts of kindness initiative, picked up trash along parks, playgrounds, and public roads while adorned in togas, they encouraged their school to recycle by volunteering to transport the recycling bins from each class, and they came together to create paper flowers to show their love and support for their teacher who had lost a family member. During this month they also introduced their large group of sixth graders, who had only just begun the journey of the classics, to certamen and held a scrimmage during one of their meetings.

Honorable Mention

-Boston Latin Academy, Massachusetts: BLA represented the classics dressed up as mythological characters in their local Roslindale Parade.

-Miramonte High School, California: Miramonte JCL started up the year by providing root beer floats to over 190 jclers. They then fed even more at their pasta lunch. During the month they celebrated the birthday of Augustus and represented their club at their schools club day

-Mt. Greylock Junior Regional High school, Massachusetts: Mt. Greylock JCL met extensively as an executive board while representing at their schools club fair and open house

-Oak Hall School, Florida: OHJCL held their first club wide meeting of the year discussing a new service initiative to sell shirts to benefit the recent Hurricanes as well as other areas in the future. They also attended the first certamen tournament of the year- sweeping 2/3 levels and coming in the top three of the 3rd







APRIL – National Classics Week


JULY – National Project

Other Options

Suggestion: Check out local non-­profit charitable efforts such as fundraising walks, open houses, and formal functions. Many need volunteer groups to help with set-­up, check-­in, and event activities.