Programs & Activities Contest

2019-2020 Activities Contest Rules and Submission Information


Deadline: June 1st, 2020

This contest is a middle ground between the scrapbook contest and Publicity Binder contests. Scrapbooks require artistic talent. The Publicity Binder is publicity specific. But what if you don’t want to create an aesthetically pleasing scrapbook, and what if the activity is more social than publicity? (like a pizza party after school) This contest is for you!

Any chapter in good standing with its state JCL and the NJCL is eligible to enter. Include pictures and descriptions for events from June 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020. All entries must be organized into four categories: service, convention and officers, outreach and spirit, and other. If programs or activities overlap, enter it into just one category.

Awards will be given to the top scoring schools and for the most creative program or activity. Certificates will be awarded to the runner-up schools as well as the states that have the greatest percentage of chapters entering the contest and the largest number of chapters entering. All winning chapters will be announced at the 2020 NJCL convention, even if members/teachers from that school cannot attend.

How to enter the Activities Contest:

  1. Fill out the Activity Form for each activity. For activities that require planning meetings, please fill out the form separately for each meeting as well as for the activity itself.

  2. Take pictures to document the activity and attach them to the form.

  3. Keep the forms in a folder that you can share at the end of the school year with and There is no need to create a powerpoint or prezi presentation! There is also no need to mail any materials for entry in this contest.


Rubric for grading - for each event, a raw score will be tabulated as follows:

  1. Number of JCLers in attendance divided by total number of JCLers in the chapter.

  2. A multiplier of 2 will be computed for planning meetings/events that are service/spirit, educational, promotion of Classics. A multiplier of 3 will be given for the actual service/spirit, educational, promotion of Classics event. Social events (movie nights, parties, and regular club meetings) are still encouraged but will not receive a multiplier. Number of hours for the activity will also increase the points.

  3. Acitivites that have been submitted for the club of the month contest will have a .25 point increase added.


Hometown HS had 3 activities this year. Hometown JCL has 20 registered JCLers.

  • Event 1: Pizza Party with 15 JCLers attending. 1 hr x 15/20 = .75

  • Event 2: Myth Play planning meeting with 10 JCLers attending. [8 hrs x 10/20] x 2 (ed-mult) = (8 x .5) x 2 = 8.0

  • Event 3: Myth Play with 5 JCLers attending (submitted Club of the Month). [2 hrs x 5/20] x 3 +.25 = 1.75

  • Hometown HS overall score: 10.5

**This rubric will allow smaller and rural JCLs the ability to compete more fairly since it is not based on total numbers but a rather percentage of each school’s JCL**

Please contact Sherry Jankowski Doerfler, Programs and Scholastic Services Chair, if you have any questions. Submissions must be received on or before June 1, 2020. Late submissions will receive a 10% point deduction for each late day; incomplete submissions may not be judged. Also, broken links, presentations created in other forms (hard copy or different from those listed above) will not be judged. Points will be subtracted or items disqualified if required verification or information is missing from the entry. Any falsification of entries by a school will result in that school being ineligible for the entire contest for that year. Please do not include copyrighted material without expressed written permission to use it in the presentation for this contest.